Vahali Dikari Yojana: Gujarat Government New Scheme

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There are many schemes for girls in the Gujarat government, besides the Modi government in the center is committed to the development of daughters. The benefits will be as follows.
Vahali dikari yojana
In order to increase the birth rate of the daughters, strengthen their economic-social status, reduce the dropout rate in education and prevent child marriage, the state government declared that the "girl daughter" is still not educated by some societies so that they can teach. The government has launched this scheme for the purpose of educating.

So, when the daughter enters the first standard, she will be given 4000 જે, followed by daughter 6 and Rs 6000 will be given from the government when she enters the 9th standard. All poor middle-class families who have a daughter, but only if their family income is less than Rs 2 lakh will get it.

Who will benefit from this scheme? Poor, middle class, will see the biggest benefit of this scheme as most of these people do not teach their daughter so that they can teach for economic benefit, plus the money which comes in 18 years will work for daughters marriage, or more. There will be work to study further. When will the scheme begin? The implementation of the scheme will be done this year, the government and officials say, if this benefit this year. If lavana starts in about 70% more than the family who will benefit from this.

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